New Delhi: A Special Cell of Delhi Police has held up a FIR against noted Kashmiri political dissident, Shehla Rasheed, under rebellion charges over her remarks about human rights infringement by Indian Army in involved Kashmir.

Shehla Rasheed in a progression of tweets had said that the Indian Army was engaged with human rights maltreatment in the midst of a clampdown in involved Kashmir after the annulment of Article 370 by the Indian government. She expressed that human rights misuses were being done in the involved region to serve the plan of the decision Bharatiya Janata Party.

Then again, Indian Home Ministry, under the appearance of making openings for work for the Kashmiri youth, has intended to raise two extra legions, one every one of the Border Security Force and the Central Reserve Police Force, for involved Kashmir. The guide to raise the regiments is being readied only a month after annulment of involved Kashmir’s extraordinary status and parting it into two Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, which will appear on 31st October, this year. Kashmir is as of now among the most hostile regions on the planet and now India is sending more troops to stifle the Kashmiris’ continuous indigenous opportunity development.

The Indian National Congress pioneer, Ghulam Nabi Azad, in an announcement in New Delhi said that the BJP government was seeking after visually impaired law in involved Kashmir which made a ton of damage India and its Constitution and a month had gone since individuals were kept in the domain. Congress representative, Manish Tewari, said the circumstance in Kashmir is bizarre and unnerving throughout the previous one month. He said that all the political individuals in Kashmir who were viewed as expert India government officials were either captured or kept and there were numerous individuals who were not engaged with legislative issues and had a place with various callings were additionally apprehended.


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