It would seem that the gathering is finished, and Miley Cyrus is reexamining her wild kid days. On Friday, September 6, Cyrus dropped the music video for “Slide Away,” which finds the vocalist meandering around in the outcome of a local gathering that appears to be extremely reminiscent of the tricks in her Bangerz-time video for “We Can’t Stop.” It additionally incorporates a reference to her association with her presently repelled spouse Liam Hemsworth that will have fans shattered.

In the wake of opening with a shot reminiscent of the “bourbon and pills” included on the single craftsmanship for “Slide Away,” the video cuts between shots of Cyrus at a wild local gathering and the rubbish gliding in the pool the following morning. Around a moment and a half into the video, notwithstanding, a playing card including the ten of hearts buoys to the base, which is by all accounts a gesture to the part of the bargain year association with Hemsworth. Falcon looked at fans may likewise see that the card has an opening in it, which could imply that there was continually something missing from the pair’s sentiment, in spite of reviving things in 2016 following three years separated.

“You state that everything transformed,” she sings, sadly, while the gathering seethes on around her. “You’re correct, we’re developed presently.” Based on the video, it appears as though the verses about not being “who I used to be” are about something other than her as of late finished union with Hemsworth. Like with “We Can’t Stop,” Cyrus’ music video is obviously showing the start of another period of her life — the gathering’s finished, in a larger number of ways than one.

Miley Cyrus by means of YouTube

Rather than sprinkling around in the pool with wild relinquish, as in that video, Cyrus is skimming in the water in “Slide Away,” alongside a lot of surrendered alcohol bottles and a wrecked disco ball. While things appeared to be tied in with having the most out of control time conceivable before, Cyrus appears to be exhausted of the shenanigans in this new cut, confining herself from the gathering and apparently pondering her shock.

While the verses to “Slide Away” earned a lot of consideration when Cyrus initially discharged the tune in August, not long after she and Hemsworth declared their detachment, the video clarifies that the melody isn’t an endeavor to make her ex look terrible. “Her melody was her method for revealing to her story without saying anything by any stretch of the imagination,” a source educated People in August concerning Cyrus’ choice to discharge the tune. They included, “She isn’t attempting to slam [Hemsworth], yet she needs to have the option to share what she’s been experiencing.”

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The video’s shots of Cyrus apparently exhausted with the gathering going on around her — alongside dull verses like, “I need my home in the slopes/Don’t need the bourbon and pills,” — appear to concur with reports that the vocalist was angry with Hemsworth’s accounted for celebrating. However “Slide Away” doesn’t include any unequivocal references to her separation, the video has all the earmarks of being a path for Cyrus to give fans some understanding into her current mental state.


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