Shehla Rashid: Kashmir valley right currently has been pushed into the eighteenth century where human envoys must be sent to physical areas to convey messages. That is the means by which we are sending messages to individuals back home. We have been pushed into a crude method of correspondence: the press are not permitted to report; direct correspondence is incomprehensible with individuals. So how would we think about the circumstance? Furthermore, for what reason do we have to think about the circumstance? This is on the grounds that individuals ask us.

Individuals originating from abroad to observe Eid with their families, for instance, ask us ,’Is it safe on the off chance that we go to Ganderbal?’ Or ‘Is it safe on the off chance that we go to Baramulla?’ And the main route for us to realize that depends on declarations of individuals who originate from that point. So we monitor the circumstance.

There are a few spots where I have featured the positive work of the organization moreover. I have no personal stake in lying or painting a specific picture. In any case, when someone comes [from Kashmir] and discloses to me this is the thing that occurred in Shopian, this is the thing that military are doing, I see no motivation behind why I should self-blue pencil.

I believe that individuals’ declarations are extremely significant at this moment. At the point when history will be composed, it will be composed from the state’s viewpoint. Furthermore, the state we know is demonstrating an extremely disproportionate [picture].

The state is lying and attempting to make a bogus impression that things are typical, which isn’t the situation. We have to demonstrate the circumstance for what it’s worth. Also, I confide in individuals’ declarations over media. Since media, particularly India-based satellite TV, is going about as PR offices of the legislature. Which is the reason I felt individuals’ accounts are progressively honest and they ought to be put out.


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