Billie Eilish dropped her most recent music video for the melody “Every single Good Girl Go To Hell” and it is something other than a music video. She didn’t utilize the chance to advance herself or a few brands she might work with. Rather, Billie Eilish’s “All Good Girls Go To Hell” video incorporates a pivotal message about environmental change.

The tune is from the 17-year-old vocalist’s presentation collection When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? As revealed by Rolling Stone, the music video fills in as a support of Greta Thunberg’s Climate Strike. Toward the start of the music video, Eilish has various needles in her back. At that point, she grows a couple of white wings. Rather than flying around, she tumbles down from the sky and terrains on the ground into an oil slick. She attempts to break free, however it’s a noteworthy battle. She can scarcely leave the oil slick, not to mention fly and flourish.

At the point when the music begins, she figures out how to develop, still canvassed in the muck. Her once-white wings are absorbed the dark oil. As she keeps on strolling, her surroundings are ablaze. In the end, her wings burst into flames and she keeps on going ahead alone. There’s no ordinary determination in the video’s plot. Rather, Eilish’s surroundings proceeding to torch around her, apparently as a similitude for the future if environmental change isn’t precisely tended to and cured.

BillieEilishVEVO on YouTube

In the remarks area on her YouTube page for the video, one of her fans prompted individuals “The music video is lovely and everything except please check the depiction, it’s the most significant and direct message from Billie.” The artist additionally shared that equivalent message in a Sept. 4 Instagram Story.

Eilish started, “At the present time there are a huge number of individuals everywhere throughout the world asking our pioneers to focus.” And now, Eilish is utilizing her open persona and her engaged group of spectators to attempt to have any kind of effect.


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