Whole Muslim Rohingya towns in Myanmar have been destroyed and supplanted by police sleeping quarters, government structures and displaced person movement camps, the BBC has found.

On an administration visit, the BBC saw four areas where secure offices have been based on what satellite pictures show were once Rohingya settlements.

Authorities prevented expanding on top from claiming the towns in Rakhine state.

In 2017 more than 700,000 Rohingya fled Myanmar during a military activity.

The UN has depicted it as “course book ethnic purging”. Myanmar (additionally called Burma) has denied huge scale killings by its powers.

How a ‘massacre’ was researched

Uncommon take a gander at Myanmar military festivals

Myanmar, a greater part Buddhist nation, keeps on denying its troops did ethnic purifying and massacre. It currently says it is prepared to take a few outcasts back.

In any case, a month ago, a subsequent endeavor to begin repatriating Rohingya evacuees fizzled, after none of the 3,450 individuals affirmed by Myanmar to return consented to do as such. They refered to the absence of responsibility for abominations submitted in 2017, and vulnerability about whether they would get opportunity of development or citizenship.

Myanmar accused Bangladesh, and said it was set up to get huge quantities of returnees. To exhibit this they welcomed writers, including the BBC, to see their offices.


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