Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called a government decision for 21 October.

Sentiment surveys are demonstrating it will be an intense race for Mr Trudeau, who is looking for a second term in office.

The crusade is relied upon to concentrate on issues of reasonableness, the economy and atmosphere issues.

The head administrator visited the Governor General, the Queen’s agent in Canada, on Wednesday morning to officially dispatch the battle.

Mr Trudeau touted his achievements on the economy and the earth in a declaration, saying: “Canadians by and by get the opportunity to decide in favor of the nation they need to live in”.

Five things to think about Canada’s decision

Media caption”We’re simply beginning”: PM Trudeau declares the vote

Canada has a government fixed decision date and Canadians must make a beeline for the surveys at regular intervals. This crusade will be a generally short 40 days, or a little more than five weeks.

Over the mid year, the opponent gatherings have been sharpening their message, concentrating on the economy and typical cost for basic items.

They have additionally honed their assaults against Mr Trudeau, who they state has not satisfied the desires for Canadians.


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