On a Thursday in September, Chelsea Lee, lead artist of the best in class electropop band SHAED, rose up out of the center of a sparkling pool at the Chateau Marmont, her cheekbones shimmering and mope shining as she wailed into the receiver under the Full Moon. Everyone’s eyes were on Lee, and her dazzling cosmetics that exemplified fall’s greatest excellence patterns. “I needed Chelsea’s entire hope to feel like a shimmery star,” says Kara Yoshimoto Bua, Chanel superstar cosmetics craftsman, who was in charge of making the vocalist’s gleaming, yet surly search for the night. Twinkling like a heavenly body with layered pearls dangling from her neck, Lee performed before an elegant supper (which incorporated any semblance of Margot Robbie, Maude Apatow, Joe Keery, and HAIM) to commend the dispatch of Gabrielle Chanel Essence, the most up to date flower scent from the house.

Not exclusively did Yoshimoto Bua need Lee’s hope to shimmer, however she likewise needed to exhibit a portion of the up and coming season’s greatest magnificence looks. “Sparkle, shine, gleam, and surly lips are maximum capacity for fall,” she imparts to Bustle. In case you’re interested how you can catch the equivalent sultry, yet shimmery vibes (a la Euphoria) that Lee shook, here’s a full breakdown for how Yoshimoto Bua made the look utilizing the three greatest cosmetics patterns for fall.


First of all: skin. Gone are where a dewy shine was held uniquely for summer. Fall 2019 is turning out to be similarly as brilliant. From the polished tops seen on the models at Prabal Gurung’s Fall 2019 show to the ascent of cosmetics craftsman Nam Vo’s “dewy dumpling” systems, plainly everybody is shunning matte for sheen this season, Yoshimoto Bua included.

For this look specifically, Yoshimoto Bua needed to feature Lee’s practically translucent appearance, so she first prepared with healthy skin and made a sound sparkle utilizing Chanel Ultra Le Teint Velvet in B30 pursued by Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder in N20 to keep gloss in the T-zone territory to a base. To include back a glowy brilliance, she went after Kristen Stewart (and Bustle) most loved Chanel Le Gel Pailleté, a gleaming gel highlighter, and applied it on her cheekbones, forehead bone, and collarbone “for an extra twilight shine.”


While the previous fall was about metallic shades, this season centers around grasping everything sparkle. Be that as it may, we’re not discussing the stout, clingy sparkle eye looks from your center school days. Think: straightforward glinting eyes that twinkle when it gets the light, a la Dries Van Noten. “I needed to highlight Chelsea’s normally staggering, shining eyes and the plane [she wore] brought a feeling of fun and energy, so I needed to keep that feeling by working with the sparkling new line NOIR and BLANC DE CHANEL,” Yoshimoto Bua shares.

To make a sparkling eye, Yoshimoto Bua went after two shining eyeshadow top coats — Chanel Ombre Première Top Coat in Carte Blanche, a gleaming white, and Pénombre, a metallic beige. She shrouded Lee’s covers in Carte Blanche, which made a practically wet eyelid look and after that finished it off with Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss in Crystal Clear for additional sheen on top. Yoshimoto Bua broadened the gleam into the sides of her eye by applying Pénombre along the external lash line. To finish, she applied a few coats of Chanel Le Volume Ultra-Noir de Chanel mascara in Noir Intense on Lee’s top lashes.

Moody Gloss
If you’ve always been a lip gloss girl or guy, your pout is in luck this fall. Take one look at the shelves of Sephora and you’ll see high-shine glosses are trending, with the more matte lipsticks taking a back seat. That’s not to say you can’t still rock your favorite deeper-toned, autumnal-perfect hues though. Yoshimoto Bua teaches us how we can mix the two for the perfect moody fall lip.

“Chelsea was drawn to the deeper, moody tones for lips,” Yoshimoto Bua explains, which she felt would be perfect to “ground the glittering silvery eyes.”


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