A Belgian aviation based armed forces F-16 military aircraft has slammed in north-western France, leaving one pilot got on a high-voltage power line.

The two pilots were softly injured after they shot out from the plane close Pluvigner in Brittany.

The plane had cut the top of in any event one house before smashing in a close by field.

The man was in the end recovered from the electrical cable following a two-hour salvage activity by French crisis administrations.

The link was high voltage at 250,000 volts, nearby media revealed.

The plane had been flying at 500m (1,500ft), said the officer of the Belgian aviation based armed forces, Frederik Vansina.

The plane was on a training departure from Florennes in the Belgian territory of Namur to a French airbase at Lorient, some 30km (19 miles) from the accident site, as indicated by Belgian reports.

French news outlet Le Télégramme posted a photograph from a huge span away which seemed to demonstrate a parachute dangling from an electrical cable close to an enormous arch.

“They required time to free him. They needed to cut the electric flow, however I’ve been on the telephone to him and he says he feels fine,” said Gen Maj Vansina. The two pilots were just idea to require clinic checks before being discharged.

Different photographs seemed to show dark smoke surging from the close by zone and a harmed rooftop on one home, which was allegedly just 50m (164ft) from the site of the accident.

Occupant Patrick Kauffer told Le Télégramme that a wing of the plane had taken out piece of the top of his home, causing genuine harm.


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