Agra: Indian specialists have moved a huge number of prisoners from involved Kashmir to prisons in India and that more than 80 of them are being held in Agra, authorities told the BBC.

Before the Bharatiya Janata Party-drove government declared its choice to scrap the uncommon status of Kashmir, it put the district under lockdown – cell phone systems, landlines and the web were cut off; and nearby political pioneers were put under house capture.

BBC Hindi’s Vineet Khare visited one such jail in the territory of Uttar Pradesh.

It was a sweltering Friday morning in Agra, a jammed and dusty city in Uttar Pradesh. The periodic breeze made the climate endurable – however not for the dozen people from the Kashmir valley, where the temperature is around 18C in September and in Agra, it contacts 35C

The Kashmiris sat in an enormous holding up lobby outside the entryway of the Agra Central Jail and quietly stood by for a short gathering with imprisoned relatives.

“It’s excessively hot. I would bite the dust here,” says one of the standing by relatives, grinning horridly as he wipes his sweat-soaked face with his shirt. “Try not to ask my name. We may get in a tough situation.”

He is from Pulwama, a town that is 30km from Srinagar. He was standing by to meet his sibling, who he says was grabbed by Indian powers the evening of fourth August. “We were not told where he was taken,” he says. “I don’t have the foggiest idea why he was grabbed. He was a driver.”

He says he caught up with authorities who revealed to him that his sibling had been taken to Srinagar. “After a great deal of exertion, we discovered that he was brought here,” he includes.

He touched base in Agra on 28th August just to discover that he required a “check letter” from nearby police in Kashmir, affirming his story. So he returned to Pulwama and came back to Agra with the letter.

“My sibling is 28,” he includes. “He’s informed – he even has a Masters, yet now the majority of that is pointless on the grounds that he is in prison.”

Abdul Ghani’s predicament is comparative. The day by day wage laborer made the adventure via train and transport from Kulgam town to Agra to meet his child and nephew – he had been informed that them two were being held here.

“They were gotten at 2:00am as they were dozing,” he says. “Nobody revealed to us why they were grabbed,” he includes.

Ghani was additionally stressed as he was not conveying a confirmation letter. “I didn’t realize I needed to convey the letter,” he says. He includes that he had officially burned through 10,000 rupees venturing out to Agra, and can’t bear the cost of another excursion.

A couple of overwhelming hours after the fact, it was the ideal opportunity for them to experience the entryway. Practically every one of them had brought new apples, the district’s most acclaimed produce.

Ghani’s arguing satisfied and he was permitted to go in. After an hour, he developed grinning. “He [my son] was stressed. Be that as it may, I let him know everything was fine at home,” he says. “On account of Allah, I met him here. I will return a fortnight.”

The holding up lobby was about void by the night, when I saw a lady and a man strolling energetically to the jail entryway. They had flown from Srinagar to Delhi, and had procured a taxi to drive them to Agra.

They were permitted to meet their sibling for 20 minutes subsequent to presenting a solicitation to authorities. “They let us know had we come before, we could have met him for 40 minutes,” says Tariq Ahmed Dar, whose detained sibling has three kids.

Gatherings are permitted distinctly on Tuesdays and Fridays, so if Tariq Dar had missed this one, he would have needed to hold up an additional four days.

“I addressed him. His better half, his three kids and our folks miss him,” Dar includes. “It’s intense for them. Since I have seen him, I will disclose to them he is fine.”


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