Srinagar: In involved Kashmir, individuals keep on enduring colossally as the Kashmir valley stayed under severe military lockdown for the 46th continuous day, today.

The substantial sending of Indian soldiers has made a climate of dread, compelling the individuals to remain inside. The proceeded with bar of the valley has exasperated the circumstance to a disturbing extent. The occupants limited to their homes are confronting challenges in gathering their day by day needs. The lack of basic wares like milk, infant nourishment and life-sparing drugs is adding to the torments of the individuals and the valley speaks to a compassionate emergency. Typical life stays disabled as all business sectors, business foundations, shops and instructive establishments are stopped while transport is the street in the valley. The occupation specialists keep on snapping the methods for interchanges including web and cell phone administrations and keep TV directs shut in Kashmir valley and Muslim lion’s share zones of Jammu.

In the interim, APHC pioneer and the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Employees Movement, Muhammad Shafi Lone, in an announcement issued in Srinagar said that India was recklessly determined bowed after smothering the Kashmiris’ edom movement through military might but would never succeed in its nefarious designs. He condemned the continued illegal detention of thousands of Kashmiris including Hurriyat leaders and activists. He also appreciated Pakistan for highlighting the miseries of the people of occupied Kashmir at the international level.

As the military clampdown continues, the multi-crore apple trade has reached an all time low, hitting at the economic spine of the territory. Ripe apples are rotting in orchards due to continued lockdown. Farmers and fruit traders say that the clampdown is stopping them from either getting their produce to market or shipping it out to the rest of world.

Indian government has launched a crackdown on mosques as several prayer leaders have been arrested during the past few months. Donations made for the mosques are being monitored. Indian police personnel are documenting the details of the relatives of the clerics while their bank accounts are being scrutinized.

On the other hand, the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has underscored the need for respecting human rights in occupied Kashmir which is under repressive lockdown for over six weeks now. Addressing a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York marking the start of General Assembly’s 74th session, he urged India and Pakistan to find resolution of the Kashmir dispute through dialogue. Guterres said that he would continue to advocate for peaceful settlement of the decades-old dispute.


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