Iran’s leader has cautioned that outside powers are undermining the security of the Gulf, after the US said it was sending troops to the locale.

Hassan Rouhani said remote powers had consistently brought “agony and wretchedness” and ought not be utilized in a “weapons contest”.

The US is sending more troops to Saudi Arabia after an assault on Saudi oil offices the two countries fault on Iran.

Mr Rouhani likewise said Iran would show another Gulf harmony activity at the United Nations in the coming days.

This year has seen proceeding with strain between the US and Iran, following President Donald Trump’s surrender of an arrangement planned for restricting Iran’s atomic exercises as a byproduct of the facilitating of assents.

Why Saudi Arabia and Iran are severe opponents

Who’s utilizing outfitted automatons in the Middle East?

The most recent flashpoint was brought about by automaton and rocket assaults on the Saudi oil offices at Abqaiq and Khurais on 14 September.

Yemen’s Iran-adjusted Houthi revolutionaries said they had done the assaults, yet both the US and its partner Saudi Arabia – Iran’s primary local adversary – said Iran was behind them, something Tehran has trongly denied.


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