Houston: Thousands of Kashmiris, their sympathizers just as Indian Americans have accumulated to dissent Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Houston against his severe activities in involved Kashmir.

Hindu, Muslim, Dalit, Sikh and Christian gatherings under the umbrella of Alliance for Justice and Accountability, are touching base in Houston, Texas, to uncover the undemocratic, enemies of individuals and enemies of minorities motivation of the Modi government.

A few US-based social equality associations have reported to join the challenges. It is evaluated that in excess of 20 thousand Kashmiris and Sikhs will join truck-rally in Houston against Modi’s visit for 74th UN General Assembly session.

Driving activists to take an interest in AJA’s dissent will incorporate Sarah Philips, Director of Operations at the Asian Desi Pacific Islander American Collective; Prof. Samina Salim of University of Houston; Pawan Singh (OFMI); Rev. Lisa Hunt, Rector at the St. Stevens Episcopal Church; Zach Chatterjee Shlachter (JVP); Daniel Cohen, Professional Communicator with a Deep Love for Advocacy; and Cesar Octavio Executive Director, For Families and Their Education (FIEL).

The AJA dissents will concentrate on the Indian Government’s merciless crackdown in Jammu and Kashmir where for a large number of Kashmiri Muslims, including minor kids, have been imprisoned; hundreds are being tormented by the police and Indian officers; and a correspondence power outage forced with web and mobile phone systems suspended. Indian soldiers have additionally taken shots at non military personnel dissents, murdering in any event one individual.

Fellow benefactor Sunita Viswanath said that her association was joining the challenge since Hindus can’t acknowledge human rights infringement for the sake of Hinduism. “We are sickened that our religion which instructs vasudaiva kutumbakam is being seized by radicals and patriots who are lynching Muslims, stomping all over majority rules system and lawfulness, and capturing if not killing the individuals who are standing up,” Viswanath said. “We are particularly horrified by the latest bad dream of the Kashmiri individuals, and the circumstance of 1.9 million individuals in India who are rendered stateless because of the burden of the tragedy called the National Register of Citizens.”

“India’s crackdown on Kashmir comes even as brutality against India’s social and religious minorities — Muslims, Christians, Dalits and Adivasis — has raised greatly in the a long time since Mr. Modi has been leader,” the AJA said.


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