An American man has suffocated while proposing to his better half submerged on vacation in Tanzania.

Steven Weber and his sweetheart, Kenesha Antoine, were remaining in a submerged lodge at the Manta Resort, off Pemba Island.

Film indicates Mr Weber plunging submerged to ask Ms Antoine to wed him.

In the video, Mr Weber presses a manually written proposition note against the lodge window as Ms Antoine films from inside.

Ms Antoine, affirming Mr Weber’s passing in a Facebook post, said he “never rose up out of those profundities”.


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Kenesha Antoine and Steven Weber were on a “rare” trip when the mishap occurred

The Manta Resort told the BBC Mr Weber “shockingly suffocated while free jumping alone outside the submerged room” on Thursday evening.

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“It is with the most profound lament that we advise that a lethal mishap happened at The Manta Resort on Thursday 19 September, 2019,” the hotel said in an announcement.

Matthew Saus, CEO of the hotel, said “everybody is profoundly shaken” by Mr Weber’s passing.


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Zanzibar police are exploring the conditions of Steven Weber’s demise

Mr Weber and Ms Antoine had booked four evenings at the hotel’s submerged room, which lies roughly 250m (820ft) from the shore.

Costing $1,700-a-night (£1,300), the lodge is tied down in water around 10m (32ft) profound.

On the third day of their remain, Mr Weber, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, dove into the water to make his proposition.


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