You can feel the expectation dribbling off individuals when Stacey Abrams draws close. “You will be my leader,” somebody advised her as she hit the pink floor covering at Bustle’s subsequent yearly Rule Breakers occasion praising 2019’s greatest pioneers. Abrams was under 2 rate focuses away from turning into the primary dark female senator in the United States, and has clarified she’s not running for president — this time around, in any case. In any case, the plausibility of her on the 2020 ticket feels genuine.

“I am glad to be considered, and I would prefer not to be hypothetical, obviously it’s work I’d be respected to have in the event that somebody needs to offer it to me,” Abrams disclosed to Bustle when gotten some information about the plausibility of turning into the Democratic chosen one’s bad habit presidential pick. “Yet, until that is done, I’m getting down to business on ensuring we have casting a ballot rights in America, and that we have an evaluation that checks everybody, in light of the fact that nobody ought to be eradicated from the account of who we are as a nation.”

Since barely losing the Georgia gubernatorial political race in 2018, Abrams has turned into a bonafide political symbol. She was as of late named a 2019 Rule Breaker in Bustle’s yearly Rule Breakers issue, and told Bustle in August that she has been lowered by the consideration that encompasses her, which incorporated a wall painting of her painted over the side of a structure in Atlanta. At Rule Breakers, she revealed to Bustle she’s as yet uncertain of her symbol status, saying she thinks individuals are “overreading” the situation.

“I am deeply humbled by the energy and the excitement, but I hope what people see is that I’m a reflection of their values and their aspirations,” Abrams tells Bustle. “My job is to be a voice for others, not to simply be an example of things, because whenever it becomes only about a politician, then we forget that it’s really about people and their voices being heard. I want people to want me because they see themselves getting more from my election.”

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Abrams affirmed that she will not run for either of the two open Senate seats in Georgia. Republican Sen. David Perdue is up for reelection in 2020, and the state’s other senator, Republican Johnny Isakson, announced he would not seek reelection, citing health challenges. As FiveThirtyEight pointed out, when two seats are on the ballot at the same time, they often tend to go to the same party, meaning Democrats have a unique opportunity to gain two Senate seats here. But Abrams, who would be a strong contender for an easy win, has made it clear — several times — that she won’t join the race.


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