Keep in mind the MySpace days? When the duck face was at its pinnacle and grainy picture-altering with air pocket content composition over it was all the fever? Well in case you’re similar to me, as opposed to recollecting the MySpace days, you need to overlook they at any point occurred. This can be hard on the off chance that you never erased your record and now it’s current on the web since you can’t consider what 12-year-old you would use to sign in. If so, have no dread. You can even now erase an old MySpace account without the email or secret word.

Inside only a couple of long periods of its origination in 2003, the stage turned into the most-visited interpersonal interaction site on the planet. Be that as it may, as possible contenders like Facebook went along, MySpace in the end observed a decay toward the finish of 2008, as indicated by Forbes. Later on, the site confronted different issues, incorporating a monstrous hack in 2016 that left 360 million records powerless. To battle this, the site had a go at negating all passwords and expecting individuals to utilize a record recuperation structure to sign in. But since a glitch in the structure just expected you to give your name, your MySpace username, and your date of birth, individuals could hack your MySpace account on the off chance that they were happy to place in a little exertion.

Quick forward to today, MySpace has fixed the structure, and requires more data so as to sign in. In any case, in the event that you don’t approach this data, getting to your old record to erase it might make a couple of more strides.



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On the off chance that you overlooked your old MySpace secret word or email, erasing your record will be precarious, however not feasible. Go onto and snap “Help,” trailed by “Contact MySpace,” as per, a webpage that gives controls on innovation and web issues. After this, you’ll see a structure where you need to enter your email address and your name. Try not to stress, you can simply enter your present email address into this structure. At that point, before presenting the structure, pick “Your Account” as the classification and “Erase Profile” as the classification underneath that.


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