Meghan Markle is feeling the loss of a significant extra while on an illustrious voyage through South Africa. No, it’s not her “Archie” neckband. Meghan Markle’s wedding band isn’t on her finger in late pictures. However, the Duchess of Sussex really has a generally excellent motivation behind why the key bit of gems is absent.

As indicated by a source who addressed Hello!, Markle needed to stay serene during her illustrious visit. To do as such, she forgoed her huge precious stone wedding band for a fragile turquoise band. All things considered, Markle’s wedding band is one of the most unmistakable bits of adornments in the imperial family’s accumulation with its three huge primary stones. While her wedding band was feeling the loss of, the Duchess kept on her Welsh gold wedding ring, which was a blessing from her grandma in-law, the Queen.

The ring Markle is wearing in South Africa is a creator she’s well used on numerous occasions, denoting the gems originator as a top choice. The ring, with its turquoise focus stone and brilliant band, is from Jennifer Meyer.

Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

As per style blog Meghan’s Mirror, which narratives the majority of the Duchess’ outfits, the fragile adornments is accessible on the planner’s site for $250.

Jennifer Meyer Turquoise Marquise Ring



Jennifer Meyer

Size 6.5


While Markle will in general wear a sound blend of gems marks, Meyer’s eponymous plans appear to be among the Duchess of Sussex’s latest top choices. Prior in the week, Markle wore a couple of turquoise studs from the originator that impeccably coordinated the impermanent commitment piece.

Markle’s most celebrated thing from Jennifer Meyer, in any case, is likely the “Mummy” accessory she was skilled while pregnant with her child, Archie. During the Duchess’ visit to New York City for her baby shower back in February, she was spotted wearing the adorable piece when leaving the city, and it was assumed to be a gift from a guest. The sweet homage to motherhood has since shown up a second time when Markle was unexpectedly called on stage by her husband at a charity event in March.


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