The lady who began France’s crusade to urge other ladies to uncover their sexual harassers has lost a maligning case brought by a man she blamed for badgering.

Sandra Muller was requested to pay €20,000 ($22,000, £17,500) in harms and charges to ex-TV supervisor Éric Brion, who she said had played with her improperly.

She made the “#balancetonporc” (“rodent on your pig”) hashtag in 2017.

Ms Muller said she would offer.

“I lost today, however different ladies won,” she said following the decision on Wednesday.

France’s big name pushback against ‘MeToo’

Ms Muller was requested to erase a tweet she posted in 2017 which named Mr Brion and advised to post proclamations for her that were given by the court.

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Ms Muller encouraged ladies to “keep on reproving bad behaviors of any sort”

Her legal advisor, Francis Szpiner, said the decision in the common case was “obsolete”.


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