Brighton : Organization of Kashmir Coalition (OKC) and UK-Pakistani and Kashmiri Councilors Forum composed an intelligent discourse at the Annual Labor Party Conference in Brighton, UK.

The occasion was led by Councilor Liaqat Ali, MBE while Professor Nazir Ahmed Shawl, Executive Member OKC and Chair of South Asia Center For Peace and Human Rights (SACFPHR) presented the occasion on the grave circumstance in involved Kashmir (IOK) titled “Kashmir: The Lynchpin of Peace – Role of Labor in Addressing the Crisis”. The key note address was given by the Shadow Labor Minister Naaz Shah, MP.

The occasion was gone to by individuals from the Labor Party, individuals from Parliament and individuals from Borough Councils.

In his introductory statements, Professor Nazir Ahmed Shawl contextualized the ongoing advancements released by the Hindu supremacist administration in IOK. He said that after the cancelation of exceptional status of Kashmir by the Indian government on August 05, a lockdown has been forced and all rights and essential opportunities have been endangered.

He said thanks to the Labor Party administration for taking a principled position and trusted that the initiative would satisfy its obligation by having a full banter at the entire of the gathering with a goals as guaranteed at the most recent year’s meeting.

The Shadow Minister Naaz Shah, MP, in her location commented that the RSS Government had a fundamentalist viewpoint and all things considered the attack in the valley was a piece of their destructive battle. She proceeded by contrasting the circumstance in Kashmir with the attack of Srebrenica and Bosnia: “Its point is ethnic purifying. Decimation is anything but a two-sided issue. It’s anything but a Muslim issue. It is an issue for the whole world”.

Ms Shah opined that Labor should remain in help and solidarity with the Kashmiris. She guaranteed the members that it will be taken up at the primary whole and a discussion on Kashmir will likewise be taken up in the Parliament. She remarked that as a little girl of Kashmir she would satisfy her commitments for the individuals of the state.

Councilor Liaqat Ali said thanks to the key note speaker and every one of the members for discussing the emergency circumstance in Kashmir. He trusted that the Kashmir question to be incorporated into the political decision pronouncement of the Labor Party. Toward the end a consistent Declaration has been embraced.

The Brighton Declaration:

This occasion held at the Annual Labor Party Conference features the additional conventional circumstance brought about by India’s illegal and unlawful activity in the territory of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K);

Kashmiris are asserted for the sake of Hindutva style vote based system and further colonized for the sake of advancement. The lockdown is influencing 8 million individuals on the 52nd day. It has made a human rights emergency of calamitous extents;

It isn’t just making human affliction yet in addition representing an incredible risk to universal harmony and security;

It abuses India’s own constitution and the UN goals 122,123 and 126 go in 1957; and

The outcomes of the annulment of articles 370 and 35A are repulsive; It is expected to crush Kashmir personality and bring a statistic change.

It is trusted that the Labor Leadership will assume a proactive job as voice of the British individuals to summon the preventive strategy of UN to spare mankind in Kashmir and make a domain for quiet goals.

The present bar must end with absolute duty for the advancement and assurance of all Kashmiris human rights;

The total withdrawal of Indian military nearness from Kashmiri towns and towns;

All confinements on opportunity of articulation, gathering and right of affiliation ought to be lifted;

A reality discovering worldwide commission should visit the detained Kashmir to check out existential substances; and

Universal people group ought to encourage a multilateral commitment among all partners; Kashmiris being the most influenced gathering.


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