Islamabad: The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League (JKPFL), Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has communicated trust that the discourse of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan at the UN General Assembly in New York will draw the world heads’ consideration towards disorder of check in time and lockdown brought about by the Modi government.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani in an announcement gave in Islamabad said that India disregarding all the UN goals and Pakistan-India reciprocal understandings and chronicled character of Kashmir bifurcated the involved region into two sections and consolidated them with Delhi as new association regions of India.

He lamented that the entire involved domain was put under check in time and lockdown and the extra troops were carried from New Delhi and huge scale captures were begun even before the fates day of fifth August 2019. The second month of the Kashmiris in confine is running out while the United Nations or its Human Rights Council still can’t seem to blast India for revocation of Kashmir exceptional status and conjure goals on the contested area, he included.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani expressed that the PM had properly during his discourse and other strategic brought into spotlight the present preliminary and tribulations of the individuals of Kashmir under attack and unwound India’s vindictive structures against Kashmiris, Islam and Muslims.

He said the head administrator properly indicated Islamophobia as the reason for current worldwide disarray. The PM must recognize that whatever Israel with the help of West had done in Palestine during the most recent 100 years to make 2 percent Jews as its greater part populace against the Arab Muslims, similarly Modi government had started to execute Zionist hypothesis of statistic change in Kashmir, he lamented.

He said that the Pakistan PM had called upon the world to take fast estimates which justified new course to the nation’s international strategy at home as appropriately activities express stronger than words. The PM’s call to the UN for the privilege to self-assurance must be heard out loud and Kashmiris, battling for their reason for opportunity and plebiscite is over all vital and the individuals confined in their homes or coercively vanished or kept in thousands outside the domain ought not be tormented and tormented further, he kept up.

He stated, as the PM Pakistan accepts the through and through freedom of the Kashmiris must be held in most elevated regard and considered as last. The international strategy organizers and scholars in the foundation must start strong strides to liberate the individuals of Kashmir from the disorder of bondage and Inhumanity under the Indian occupation, he finished up.


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