Hawkins, Indiana might be a magnet with regards to pulling in extraordinary beasts, yet another Stranger Things Season 4 secret shows that Eleven and Co. are going to leave towards another and considerably more alarming goal: the Upside Down. In a public statement gave to Bustle, Netflix reported that the arrangement has been formally grabbed for a fourth season, and keeping in mind that the destiny of Hopper stays similarly as large of a secret as ever, the promotion affirms one single, lone certainty: these darling characters are going to be in more peril than any time in recent memory. As the slogan designates: “We’re not in Hawkins any longer.”

The finish of Season 3 saw Will’s family (counting Eleven) leaving Hawkins through and through to move to a vague area. This incited numerous watchers to think about what this would mean for the arrangement pushing ahead with many foreseeing that Hawkins would never again be the point of convergence of the show. Those doubts have now been authoritatively affirmed, however it doesn’t appear the Byers family’s fantasies of a new beginning are going to happen as expected. In actuality, the promotion proposes that their definitive goal lies somewhere else — to a spot everybody fears except not very many have really investigated.


This Season 4 pickup isn’t the main disclosure the gushing stage divulged, in any case. Alongside the recharging news, Netflix likewise reported that it has marked another multi-year TV and film manage Stranger Things makers The Duffer Brothers.

“The Duffer Brothers have enthralled watchers around the globe with Stranger Things and we’re excited to extend our association with them to carry their distinctive minds to other film and arrangement extends our individuals will love,” Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, said in an announcement, according to the public statement. “We can hardly wait to perceive what The Duffer Brothers have in store when they step outside the universe of The Upside Down.”


As far as it matters for them, Ross and Matt Duffer couldn’t be progressively eager to keep working with Netflix on different ventures, both Strange and something else. “We are completely excited to proceed with our association with Netflix. Ted Sarandos, Cindy Holland, Brian Wright, and Matt Thunell took a tremendous risk on us and our show — and perpetually transformed us,” said The Duffer Brothers in an announcement, including:

“From our first pitch meeting to the arrival of Stranger Things 3, the whole group at Netflix has been out and out exciting, furnishing us with the sort of help, direction, and innovative opportunity we constantly envisioned about. We can hardly wait to recount to a lot more stories together — starting, obviously, with an arrival outing to Hawkins!”

However, on the off chance that the secret is the be accepted, any outing to Hawkins won’t keep going extremely long. The greater part of the move will make place somewhere else in Season 4 — in all probability in a spot relatively few can come back from in one piece. The Upside Down has consistently lingered over these characters as a perilous region. Will, Eleven, and Nancy have all been there in some limit, however there’s still a great deal about the area that remaining parts a total puzzle.

So what prompts the gathering to wander out into this obscure territory? Could this show a conceivable salvage crucial Hopper? In evident Stranger Things design, the promotion brings up a larger number of issues than it gives answers, however there’s one thing fans know for sure: things are about to get a whole lot stranger.


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