Every beneficial thing, the truism goes, must arrive at an end — and in case you’re a devotee of NBC’s The Good Place, you’re likely previously grieving the way that Sept. 26 denotes the start of the show’s fourth and last season. (What’s more, on the off chance that you have an overactive personality like Chidi, you’re likewise most likely pondering: Do “great” things truly need to arrive at an end? Isn’t the purpose of life to spread goodness around and make it keep going to the extent that this would be possible? What does it truly mean to be a decent individual, and will Season 4 offer us a response? What does it at any point mean for a network show to be “great”? To which we state, Hold on, sweet stew child.)

In the a long time since Mike Schur’s existential sitcom debuted on NBC, it’s conveyed one of the most really stunning season-finale curves in ongoing TV history, made stars (and classy thirst objects) out of its gifted and assorted cast, and given a system TV crowd a down to earth, comical, or more all engaging exercise in good way of thinking and what we owe to one another as people. The majority of that is buttressed by The Good Place’s lavishly drawn, vivid physical world, where pastel hues and punny solidified yogurt shops divert from the agitating idea that the laws of the great beyond could be administered by a messed up focuses framework that reasons people to straightforward entireties of all their constructive and contrary activities on Earth.

Be that as it may, this flawless world-building would be far less effective were it not for the show’s pointed, keen, and audaciously senseless composition. Obviously, are there are sufficient jokes and asides to help endless rewatches and a productive Twitter account. Yet, the language of The Good Place has arrived at its very own clique status, begetting terms like “sacred forking shirtballs,” and, in particular for any non-football fans, re-contextualizing the utilization of the formal person, place or thing “Bortles” as a shout.

In that capacity, it’s just fitting that we say farewell to The Good Place with an official word reference of a portion of the show’s key terms, with definitions composed by The Good Place scholars room and maker Mike Schur. Much like their TV creation, which underscores the advantage of the gathering over that of the individual, The Good Place authors wanted to assume acknowledgment as a stone monument for the underneath definitions and models — it’s what any better than average individual would do, all things considered.

In this way, right away, welcome: all is well.

Engineer (n.)

A godlike being who structures neighborhoods in existence in the wake of death. Michael, an eternal being, is a designer. At the point when Michael has a mental meltdown toward the finish of Season 3, Eleanor Shellstrop must claim to be a planner. Eleanor Shellstrop isn’t a godlike being, she is an Arizona Trashbag.

Arizona Trashbag (n.)

An individual from Arizona who shows top Arizona characteristics, for example, Eleanor Shellstrop wanting to spend her birthday sitting alone in her home watching wedding bombs on YouTube, drinking margaritas through a Twizzler straw, until she goes out over her vibrator. Or on the other hand, minutes after the fact, when she drops a jug of Lonely Gal Margarita Mix For One, at that point gets crushed by a line of shopping baskets into a versatile board truck promoting an erectile brokenness pill named “Engorgulate.”

Awful Janet (n.)

Janets are essential centralized servers that contain generally all learning known to man, and can invoke any article fit for existing. Awful Janets work in The Bad Place helping the “evil spirits” who torment people, however they generally utilize their boundless learning and about incomprehensible forces to specialty wiped out consumes and produce flatulates.

Awful Place, The (n.)

The domain in the hereafter where people are sent to be tormented for time everlasting in the event that they need more “focuses” when they bite the dust. For instance, a lead Bad Place engineer, Shawn, may torment William Shakespeare by presenting the whole plot of the Entourage film, and torment Emily Dickinson by driving her to tune in to Joe Rogan’s digital broadcast. People sent to The Bad Place ought not anticipate that their torment should be astutely custom-made to their life; most people will be jabbed with hot sticks, compelled to suffer Butthole Spiders and Bees With Teeth, or wound into equal parts for endlessness.

Bortles (n., shout)

  1. A quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, adored by at any rate one individual — Jason Mendoza — who against all rationale and reason trusts him to be the best QB in NFL history.
  2. A declaration that something great is going on soon, regularly because of an effective physical accomplishment.

Model: “Bortles!” (As hollered by Jason Mendoza before he tosses a Molotov mixed drink to explode a stream ski.)

burrito (n.)

  1. A container of flour that regularly contains beans, meat, cheddar and rice. On Earth, sometimes prepared with hot sauce. In the hereafter, every so often prepared with “the idea of jealousy,” which existence in the wake of death creatures concur has “a little kick to it.”
  2. After one bend an excessive number of in their lives and the great beyonds, Eleanor, Chidi, Jason and Tahani quickly thought about whether The Judge Of All Things In The Universe may be a burrito. This was immediately exposed and ridiculed by the real Judge of All Things In The Universe.

bean stew infant (n.)

A guileless individual who is going to be enlightened a fact concerning the universe that they may experience issues tolerating.

Model: “Listen to this, my little stew babies… The genuine importance of life, the real moral framework that you should all pursue is skepticism. The world is vacant. There is no good reason for anything, and you’re simply going to bite the dust. Whatever do as well. What’s more, presently I’m going to eat my marshmallow-treat stew peacefully, and all of you can hop up your very own butts.” — Chidi Anagonye, during a minute in his life when he had as of late found out about his unique life, his unique demise, his subsequent life, and that after encountering a second passing he would be tormented for endlessness regardless of what he did, and accordingly was only kinda “over it.”

casings (v.)

The demonstration of Shawn snapping his fingers and mysteriously framing a shell of “firm goo” around anybody he doesn’t care for or needs to be freed of. This wet, gooey jail endures as long as Shawn needs it to. It’s gooey in there.

Derek (n.)

Janet made Derek in Season 2 as a bounce back beau when she couldn’t be involved with Jason, who in Season 1 had been an incredible “adoration.”” “This demonstrated to be a poorly conceived notion on the grounds that Janet had never made a being with awareness, and Derek wound up being a blockhead with a messed up mind, wind tolls for a penis, yet in addition boundless Janet-like forces — a hazardous blend for somebody who will in general supplant irregular words with his own name since that is the means by which imbecilic he is. When we last observed Derek, he had been living in The Medium Place (see underneath) with Mindy St. Claire, and rebooted (see beneath) enough occasions that he was currently smooth and carefree with a marginally less broken mind and an about complete penis.

He consolidated his forces with Janet to enable her to make more than 300 “Janet Babies”, who are the extra foundation inhabitants in the new exploratory neighborhood intended to be a definitive trial of whether people are superior to anything the focuses framework announces. It is vague as of now if Janet and Derek cooperating will make creatures that can work basically like individuals, and whether those creatures will have private parts that resemble melodic enriching objects customarily dangled from yards.

plunge (outcry)

A declaration of stun or shock, regularly positive.

Model: “Goodness, plunge! Jackass Doug!”

Interpretation: “I am eager to see Donkey Doug in light of the fact that I have not seen Donkey Doug in quite a while!”

Jackass Doug (n.)

The name of Jason Mendoza’s dad. In spite of the saints of the arrangement having learned numerous dull realities about the universe — including that no individual has gotten into the real Good Place in more than 500 years — the information that a developed man calls his dad Donkey Doug remains the saddest thing they have ever learned.


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