Ruler Qurban Hussain has called upon the global network, harmony cherishing countries and the United Nations to assume their crucial job for the quiet goals of

waiting Kashmir question, to evade any contention between atomic outfitted India and Pakistan.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had convenient cautioned to the worldwide network that Indian powers monstrosities in the involved Kashmir could trigger a war between atomic equipped India and Pakistan compromising local just as worldwide harmony.

Conversing with APP, Lord Qurban Hussain said after repeal of Article 370 of the constitution to change the status of involved Jammu and Kashmir, he said India had transformed the whole district into a contention zone. The involved Kashmir had been changed over into a tremendous jail for the guiltless individuals, with complete lockdown, he included.

He called upon the worldwide network to pay heed to the circumstance and weight India to stop outrages.


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