Video film of an on furlough cop stoning a wombat, and perhaps murdering it, is being explored, South Australia Police have declared.

The video was posted on Facebook and demonstrates a shirtless man over and over tossing rocks at a wombat as it attempts to flee.

Energized by the individual recording, the man hits the wombat in the head a few times before it moves over.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said the activities were “absolutely detestable”.

He affirmed the man in the video was a cop in an announcement on Wednesday.

“I need to promise everyone that the activities in the video don’t line up with the qualities and practices I anticipate from my workers,” he said.


Picture inscription

The man was grinning and giggling as the wombat attempted to flee

The man in the video can be seen giggling and giving an “approval” to the camera as he pursues the short-legged marsupial.

The Wombat Awareness Organization, the gathering that common the recording, began a request calling for further insurance of local creatures and for “this culprit to be indicted”.

The appeal assembled in excess of 55,000 marks in 11 hours.


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