In any event 13 ladies, some of them pregnant, suffocated when a pontoon swarmed with vagrants overturned in the Mediterranean minutes before they were expected to be protected.

Italian authorities said in any event twelve other individuals are as yet absent.

The pontoon tipped over in terrible climate close to the Italian island of Lampedusa.

The UN says in excess of 1,000 individuals have kicked the bucket in the Mediterranean so far this year attempting to make the risky adventure to Europe.

Italy’s coastguard said it had propelled a salvage crucial on Sunday in the wake of being cautioned to an over-burden and seriously posting pontoon around six nautical miles (11km) from Lampedusa.

Be that as it may, as the salvage boats moved toward soon after 12 PM on Monday, “unfriendly climate conditions and the abrupt uprooting of the vagrants” made the vessel overturn, it said.

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The vessel had before left the Tunisian coast with around 50 individuals ready, Italian media detailed.

Rescuers pulled 22 individuals alive from the water and recuperated the collections of the 13 ladies. Those as yet missing incorporate in any event eight kids, survivors said.

Media caption”People are scared on these vessels”, says one ocean skipper

An Italian investigator has landed on Lampedusa to open an examination, the Ansa news office detailed.

A huge number of vagrants endeavor to cross the Mediterranean to Europe consistently. The individuals who make the adventure frequently travel in inadequately kept up and packed vessels, and many have passed on in transit.

A month ago, France and Italy required another framework to consequently redistribute transients over the EU as the quantity of individuals entering Europe by means of Italy and Greece flooded.


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