A No 10 source has said a Brexit arrangement is “basically unthinkable” after a call between the PM and Angela Merkel.

Boris Johnson and the German chancellor talked before about the proposition he set forward to the EU – however the source said she clarified an arrangement dependent on them was “overwhelmingly far-fetched”.

The BBC’s Adam Fleming said there was “distrust” inside the EU that Mrs Merkel would have utilized such language.

What’s more, the EU’s high ranking representative cautioned the UK against an “idiotic habitual pettiness”.

Leader of the European Council Donald Tusk sent an open tweet to Mr Johnson, letting him know “the eventual fate of Europe and the UK” was in question.

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With endeavors to get it before the month’s over on an evident blade edge, Boris Johnson and his Irish partner Leo Varadkar have said they would like to meet later in the week.

In any case, following talks in Downing Street, the leader of the European Parliament said there had been “no advancement” and MEPs would not consent to a trade off arrangement “at any cost”.

David Sassoli said the UK’s new proposed traditions game plans for Northern Ireland were “far from something to which the Parliament could concur”.

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The leader of the European Parliament said the EU confronted a no-bargain exit or a further deferral

In the midst of wild eyed strategic moving in European capitals, subtleties of a call prior on Tuesday between the UK and German pioneers have reignited strains over the mainland.

The No 10 source proposed Mrs Merkel revealed to her partner the best way to break the halt was for Northern Ireland to remain in the traditions association and for it to for all time acknowledge EU single market leads on exchange products.


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