A man who spared a Scottish climber from dying on a 22,500ft (6,858m) top in Pakistan has depicted how he dreaded his companion would not come back from the campaign alive.

What began as an eagerly awaited outing for five exceptionally experienced climbers to Koyo Zum in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region finished in show and an extremely taxing night for Tom Livingstone and Scot Ally Swinton.

A slip-up with his balance prompted Ally, from Leven in Fife, falling about 65ft (20m) and enduring various wounds.

Seven days sooner, the five companions had separated to handle various sides of the mountain.


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Will Sim, Ally Swinton, Uisdean Hawthorn, John Crook and Tom Livingstone went through about a month and a half acclimatizing before handling Koyo Zum


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Tom and Ally stayed outdoors on a limited snow edge in the brilliant gleam of nightfall before fiasco struck

Koyo Zum is a long, slender mountain with soak frosty inclines. The accomplished climbers in the British endeavor broke into three gatherings to handle it.

William Sim and John Crook took the left-hand horizon on the east and Tom and Ally took the unclimbed west face. Individual Scot Uisdean Hawthorn had come back to base camp.

The pair were getting a charge out of the test, arriving at a stature of 18,000ft (5486m). They depicted it as an “astounding, testing background”.

At that point Ally, 30, fell into a precipice.


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