The All Parties Hurriyat Conference Azad Jammu and Kashmir (APHC-AJK) section held a dissent showing outside the UN Office in Islamabad, today, against the proceeded with lockdown and correspondence barricade forced by India in involved Kashmir.

Hurriyat pioneers tending to on the event communicated genuine worry over the proceeded with grave circumstance in the region. They said that India was confronting ceaseless analysis at the global level for forcing attack and correspondence power outage in the region.

They said that Indian powers’ faculty were jumping into the private houses and capturing youth other than harming family unit merchandise and tormenting prisoners including ladies.

The speakers likewise depicted the August 5 activities of the Indian government to annul Kashmir’s extraordinary status as illicit, unlawful and against the worldwide laws and the UN goals on Kashmir.

They offered Pakistan to request gathering of another gathering of the UN Security Council with the goal that it could assume job in completion the military attack, expelling checks on media and reestablishing development of the Kashmiri individuals.

They said that, on one side, the Indian government had been stifling the Kashmiris’ indigenous freedom development through utilization of savage power for as far back as quite a few years and, on the other, scheming to change the demography of the domain. They included that India could never prevail in its detestable plans and the Kashmiris would take their freedom development to its obvious end result no matter what.

The Hurriyat pioneers on the event additionally claimed the world network to promptly mediate and help end lockdown and military occupation in the domain.


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