In involved Kashmir, Srinagar’s focal correctional facility is overflowing with a great many youngsters who have been captured and kept since August 5 – the day India canceled exceptional status of Kashmir.

Relatives of the prisoners swim through perpetual check focuses before they arrive at Martyrs Park in Srinagar, which has turned into a temporary sitting area. Relatives trust that their friends and family’s number will be called.

Showkat Ahmed and his other relatives voyaged 68 kilometers from Damhal, the town where they live, in order to meet his sibling, an understudy who was captured on August 21.

Aamir Ahmed, Showket Ahmed’s sibling, was accused of inciting other individuals to dissent, as indicated by the charge sheet, gave to media. In any case, Showket Ahmed says he’s certain that is not the situation. “My sibling is guiltless. He is only an understudy,” he says.

There is no official information to affirm the all out number of individuals kept, captured or discharged since August 5. Be that as it may, media reports recommend that in excess of 13,000 individuals have been confined up until this point. A large number of the kept are youngsters.

A police officer, who talked on the state of secrecy, told media that youngsters were frequently focuses of assaults and captures. A portion of the kept are held up in Srinagar Central Jail and others have been taken to prisons in India.

Gathering together and confining a great many individuals is being utilized as a measure to stay away from strikes and fights, police say.

The prisoners booked under the draconian law, Public Safety Act (PSA), can be kept in detainment for a limit of two years without preliminary.

A 22-year-old youth, Tajamul Islam, was likewise picked from his home on August 21. His dad, mother and sibling need to hang tight for quite a long time in the desire for gathering him.


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