In involved Kashmir, Resistance Youth League has spoke to the ulema and learned people of the region to assume lead job in closure the Indian enslavement.

Obstruction Youth League in the blurbs flowed in involved Kashmir said that it was the obligation of the strict pioneers and scholarly people to demonstrate the way of opportunity to the Kashmiri youth.

The Resistance Youth League said that when the unfeeling warriors were remaining at the entryways of the Kashmiris and the virtuousness of their moms, sisters and little girls were in threat, it was the obligation of each individual to assume his job in the progressing opportunity development.

It said this will be a long and last war and even Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has put everything in question.

The Resistance Youth League said that the duty of ulema was to energize individuals and speak more loudly before the barbarous ruler. It stated, the fight for opportunity has entered the stage where we as a whole ought to aggregately make such strides that the world could speak more loudly in support of us.

It additionally asked the givers to help the individuals related with vehicle and other destitute individuals in their mohallahs and satisfy their needs. It claimed subject to give Qarz-e-Hasana to the meriting individuals.

The Resistance Youth League called upon the proprietors of the plants and concrete production lines to maintain their business after maghrib and dodge to buy bond from outside. It said the wealthy individuals ought to likewise assume job in the opportunity development by giving to the Bait-ul-Maal.

It likewise asked the paper business not to assume the job of Mir Jaafar and Mir Sadiq, including that India had embarrassed Farooq Abdullah and tomorrow could be your turn.


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