President Donald Trump has said it is “not our concern” if Turkey enters Syria, calling the previous US partners the Kurds “no holy messengers”.

The US is confronting extraordinary analysis for pulling back its powers from Syria, which some state gave Turkey the green light to dispatch a cross-fringe hostile against Kurdish-drove powers.

Mr Trump told journalists at the White House the US is “not a policing operator”.

“It is the ideal opportunity for us to return home,” he said.

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The individuals trapped in the center in northern Syria

Turkey propelled the hostile in northern Syria seven days prior to push again from its fringe individuals from a Syrian Kurdish state army called the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and make a “sheltered zone” along the Syrian side of the outskirt, where up to 2,000,000 Syrian evacuees can be resettled.

The Turkish activity came after Mr Trump requested the withdrawal of US powers from the territory.

Kurdish-drove powers have been a key partner of the US in the battle against Islamic State in Syria and there are fears the destabilization could prompt a resurgence of the activists.


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