In involved Kashmir, the notices found glued on vantage focuses at better places have said that the Kashmir has a place with the Kashmiris and they are experts of their fate.

The publications distributed in the interest of the Resistance Leadership and beneficiaries of Kashmiri saints asked the Kashmiri individuals not to offer their property to non-Kashmiris and carefully boycott their entrance to the domain.

The publications stated, “We ought to carefully boycott the passage of non-Kashmiris in the domain”, including that comparatively the individuals of Kashmir ought to likewise not offer their property to the non-state entertainers. They said that the individuals of Kashmir would not endure that somebody grab their territory from them as certain months back this delightful picture was cut into a few pieces.

The authority and the beneficiaries of saints said that it was obligation of the Kashmiris to ensure their country and not acknowledge constrained control of India.

They said that the individuals of Kashmir had rendered uncommon penances for the Kashmir cause and would proceed with their battle till taking the freedom development to its obvious end result.


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