For as far back as 70 years, we have customarily been observing October 27 as Black Day since it was that day in 1947 when India handled its soldiers on the dirt of Jammu and Kashmir as a usurper power.

This was expressed by APHC-AJK Convener Syed Abdullah Gilani alongside other Hurriyat pioneers Syed Aijaz Ahmad Shah, Ishtiaq Hameed, Abdul Majeed Mir, Pervez Ahmad Shah, Raja Khadim Hussain and Zahid Safi during a public interview in Muzaffarabad.

“This year, as we will commend the day, its dimness has become significantly more prominent on the grounds that India on August 5 violently turned to another furious animosity and obtrusive endeavor to give lawful and sacred defense to its unlawful control of Kashmir,” the pioneers said. They kept up that neither one of the they acknowledged India’s unlawful occupation 71 years prior, nor would they undermine their situation after the ongoing assault by India.

Tending to the packed question and answer session, they said that they were appreciative to Pakistan for the means taken by the nation, particularly the way Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan battled the Kashmiris’ case before the world network and the majority brought their voice up for Kashmiri individuals since the August 5 illicit activity by India.

“In any case, we as a whole realize that every one of these endeavors didn’t significantly affect ground circumstance in Kashmir. The resolve of Kashmiri individuals was absolutely supported, yet there was neither reduction in Indian monstrosities, nor did any of India’s evil aims and plans with respect to Kashmir could be foiled,” the pioneers said.

The pioneers requested that the Pakistani government enable the Kashmiri individuals to go too far of Control to help their siblings in involved Kashmir as the worldwide network was doing nothing in such manner. A huge number of young people over the grisly line stand prepared to give each forfeit for opportunity, they included.

“We ought not be denied of our entitlement to convey forward our battles without anyone else. We need to give a reasonable message to the whole world that we, the Kashmiris, are completely dedicated to take our battle to its goal as we are joined to accomplish our key right,” they finished up.


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