OIC authorities and a top Saudi ambassador have voiced solid help for the Kashmiri individuals in their battle for the UN-vowed right to self-assurance at an uncommon occasion held in New York to check the 72nd commemoration of India’s attack and control of Jammu and Kashmir.

The to a great extent went to occasion was composed by Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi, the active Pakistan’s represetative to the UN.

Minister Abdallah Y. Al-Mouallimi, changeless agent of Saudi Arabia to the UN, reaffirmed his nation’s unequivocal help for Kashmir and Pakistan. He said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had consistently remained by Pakistan on Kashmir and had consistently upheld self-assurance for the Kashmiri individuals.

In the interim, Malaysia-based 10 non-administrative associations in a joint explanation in Kuala Lumpur asked the United Nations Security Council to determine the Kashmir debate according to its goals went in 1948. The interest was made in solidarity with all the Kashmiri individuals. The NGOs requested the disassembling of the lockdown of Kashmir by India, repudiation of the draconian laws and indictment of the Indian powers associated with human right misuses, arrival of confined pioneers and activists, an autonomous examination concerning upheld vanishings and the award to right of self-assurance to the Kashmiri individuals.


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