A man has been imprisoned for assaulting and killing an Arab Israeli understudy in a prominent case in Australia.

Codey Herrmann, 21, assaulted Aya Maasarwe close to a college in Melbourne in January.

The slaughtering started a rush of outrage about savagery towards ladies in Australia, provoking vigils which were gone to by a huge number of individuals.

A judge imprisoned Herrmann for a limit of 36 years, considering it a “savage assault”.

Ms Maasarwe, 21, had been living in Melbourne on a one-year college trade when she was killed.

In her condemning comments on Tuesday, Judge Elizabeth Hollingworth depicted Ms Maasarwe as “a benevolent young lady who had as long as she can remember before her”.

“Ladies ought to be allowed to walk the lanes alone unafraid of being assaulted by outsiders,” she told the Supreme Court of Victoria.

How hazardous is Australia for ladies?

Vigil held for killed Australia humorist

Herrmann had confessed to the assault. He will be qualified for parole in 30 years.


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