An on furlough medical attendant and paramedic utilized a temporary tourniquet to spare the life of a British vacationer whose foot was gnawed off by a shark in Australia.

Alistair Raddon, 28, from Southampton, was harmed at Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands on Tuesday.

Danny Maggs, 22, from Plymouth, who was additionally assaulted, endured leg wounds.

Swedish couple Emma Andersson and Billy Ludvigsson, who were on a day voyage with the pair, utilized ropes and towels to stem Mr Raddon’s “extreme” dying.

Media captionParamedic Billy Ludvigsson and attendant Emma Andersson happened to be on the excursion

He stated: “I feel that spared his life, since he was draining so seriously.

“It was a long vessel ride back to shore and on the off chance that he kept on draining that much right back to shore I don’t know he would have made it.”

Mr Ludvigsson said it took around five minutes to stop the “dangerous” blood stream.


Picture inscription

Mr Maggs posted a photo on Instagram after the assault

Focal Queensland Rescue said the men had told its helicopter team the men were “wrestling and flailing uncontrollably in the water” when the assault occurred at Hook Passage.

Award Bollington, from the salvage administration, said Mr Raddon thought “his mate was pulling on his leg hard and afterward acknowledged there was a shark there”.

Mr Maggs endured genuine cuts to his correct calf.

In an announcement, the pair expressed gratitude toward those on the pontoon with them and the crisis administrations.


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