In involved Kashmir, in what outright humiliation to the BJP-drove Indian government, celebrating one-sided assertion of J&K into Union Territory, neighborhood BJP pioneers are confronting fierceness of the individuals of Jammu over their inability to ensure land and employment rights for local people.

After August 5, BJP pioneers had guaranteed that land and occupations privileges of the individuals of Jammu district would be ensured when J&K would be officially announced as UT however nothing in such manner has been referenced in the roundabout gave by the Indian government. Reports proposed that BJP pioneers have been confronting rage of the individuals for not satisfying guarantees made by them every once in a while particularly after repeal of Article 370 on August 5 in the Lok Sabha.

In spite of the fact that BJP administration had composed different capacities at better places of Jammu to commend the award of UT status yet individuals of Jammu have treated with chilling disdain reaction to the gathering since neighborhood BJP pioneers have neglected to secure people groups’ advantage.

Valid sources in the BJP said that rather than appropriately disagreeing with Central authority, neighborhood party administration was occupied uniquely in Pakistan and Congress slamming.

During the most recent three months, J&K BJP authority was occupied in modest attention however in actuality the nearby pioneers have done nothing concrete. Dependable sources said that inside two-days BJP administration has understood that there was no festival state of mind among individuals of Jammu in light of the fact that in authentic roundabout there is no arrangement of anticipating occupation and land privileges of local people. Rather than joining BJP with festivities if UT status, individuals of Jammu are fairly accusing neighborhood BJP pioneers of bargaining Jammu’s inclinations.


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