The Gulf News in an article distributed in Sunday’s version has said that a lockdown in involved Kashmir is the request for the day and individuals have no entrance to the Internet.

The article composed by grant winning writer and writer, Swati Chaturvedi, said that the inexorably stressed world is asking the Modi government how bolting up residents is good with a majority rules system.

The paper calls attention to that it appears the Modi government has no closure game for Muslim-dominant part Jammu and Kashmir. The article underscored that the Indian government’s choice to scrap Kashmir’s extraordinary status has internationlised the Kashmir contest.

The article, while portraying a led voyage through Far Right EU administrators to as a self-delivered international strategy debacle, said that the inflatable of the Far Right Members of Parliament’s excursion was completely punctured when Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, took a frank remain out traveling to India this week. Merkel stated, “The Kashmir circumstance was unsustainable and included that the lockdown was bad.


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