A visitor made due for two days afloat adrift in a dinghy close to Greece by eating on bubbled desserts, reports state.

Kushila Stein, 45, from New Zealand, was saved from the Aegean Sea, north of Crete, on Sunday.

During her 37-hour trial Ms Stein apparently apportioned a “bunch of bubbled lollies” and enveloped herself by plastic packs for warmth.

An accomplished mariner, Ms Stein put a red pack on her head and utilized a mirror to stand out, reports state.

After a broad search, the Greek Coast Guard discovered her 101km (55 nautical miles) north of Crete, Greece’s biggest island.

Her mom Wendy Stein revealed to Stuff.co.nz her girl’s preparation in ocean endurance “may have spared her life”.


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