On the off chance that you get yourself overlooking occasions and arrangements that you’ve gotten ready for the week, at that point you should begin a shot diary.

One of the fundamental segments of a shot diary are the week after week spreads. Week after week spreads are projectile diary designs that are extraordinary for sorting out your whole week.

You can structure your projectile diary week after week spread to meet your requirements and make it look very cool simultaneously. In any case, on the off chance that you’re similar to me, at that point you are not the best at structuring your own formats, so look at these week by week design thoughts for motivation!

I’ve discovered the best shot diary week after week spread plans to keep my life sorted out. In the event that you need your week to go smooth, at that point you should look at these week after week logs and designs for your slug diary. I can plan and monitor all the up and coming occasions in my slug diary week by week spread.

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Doodles are what breathes life into your projectile diary. The tourist balloon and cloud doodles are impeccably place around the times of the week on the subsequent page. The doodles don’t disrupt the general flow and there’s all that could possibly be needed space to record things. The propensity tracker and feast organizer on the principal page are the ideal augmentations for a week after week spread!

Found from mrs_bullets_journal42 on Instagram

This format will make you insane for prickly plants! I love the wonderful way the cases are drawn over the desert plants. It makes this 3D fantasy that looks truly cool. Generally, this week after week is extensive. You can record the entirety of your occasions for the week and more in this week after week. There’s even a spot go writing down additional notes and considerations.

Found from AmandaRachDoodles on Instagram

The format of this week by week is like the one above, however it has its own style. The beautiful label doodles include a fly of shading. The segments of spotted washi tape are delightful!

Found from crafthippy on Instagram

This week after week format is occupied, brimming with space, and I’m cherishing it. This format is impeccable on the off chance that you have a ton of things to complete. In the event that you look carefully, you can see the hours recorded for every day. Complete your s&#t this week after week spread!

Found from shannonstacey on Instagram

This design makes me feel like I’m viewing the dusk. With such a great amount of space to scribble down errands, I can utilize this design in my diary. The diagrams on the principal page are an innovative method to monitor your dozing plan, what number of steps you take in a day, and your day by day water admission.

Found from natalie.mint on Instagram

This shot diary week by week spread is tastefully satisfying. There’s nothing more excellent than a completely finished design. I wish I could totally fill my designs, yet I don’t have a ton going on in my life. The climate tracker at the base is excessively charming.

Found from journalbydesign on Instagram

The main thing I saw about this format is the means by which straight the segments. At the point when your drawing your design, utilizing a ruler will assist you with making straight lines. This design is stacked with a dinner organizer, appreciation tracker, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Found from this stick on Pinterest

I’m cherishing the geometric structure of this design. The segments look like interfacing squares. Despite the fact that each area is an alternate size, there’s still enough space in each segment to sort out your undertakings and exercises. The appreciative tracker is a sweet expansion to this spread.

Found from this stick on Pinterest

Here’s another perfect and exact format. The rainbow of hues makes this spread look brilliant and strong.

Found from momdotlove on Instagram

This projectile diary week by week spread is honeycomb in abundance! The splendid intense hues are flying off the page. Utilizing pen markers that won’t seep through the page will assist you with accomplishing this design look. The hexagons are equitably spread out over the page, and there’s sufficient space to record your assignments for the week.

Found from bizzyb10_doodles on Instagram

This is completely flawless! I wish I could hand attract something like this my slug diary. Indeed, even with the wonderful butterfly at the top, there’s still enough room at the base of the page for a week by week design!

Found from journalbymir on Instagram

This week after week format is straightforward and simple to accomplish. Here and there, a straightforward bujo spread is all you have to keep your days sorted out. The verdant structure at the top adds flair to the design.

Found from shaynechan on Instagram

Pineapples are a late spring staple. At the point when you consider summer you consider pineapples and other tropical organic products, which is the reason this topic is ideal for a May week after week design.

Found from blackandwhitebujo on Instagram

Two words depict this projectile diary week by week spread: straightforward and simple. Drawing the areas over the pages enables you to make them more extensive. On the off chance that you’re a novice at slug journaling, at that point this is a simple format to begin with.

Found from christina77star on Instagram

Get the spring season with this adorable April projectile diary week by week spread. The blossom doodle looks like something that I would attract my shot diary.

Found from bujoandcookies on Instagram

Washi tape is the ideal option in contrast to enriching your shot diary when you don’t want to doodle. This slug diary week by week spread is slick, open, and efficient. A definitive projectile diary motivation!

Found from writingbravely on Instagram

Here’s another case of enriching your projectile diary with washi tape. It’s so natural to brighten your slug diary with washi tape.

Found from nephena.studies on Instagram

Having some place to scribble down updates in your week by week design is advantageous. I’m a gigantic aficionado of the notes area on the primary page of the week after week format. There’s likewise a spot for you to tape a clingy note within your diary.

Found from elfenbeinmaedchen on Instagram

Presently, This projectile week by week format is decent and straightforward. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether the blue stripes are finished with tape or markers, yet it’s a simple method to add shading to the format.

Found from bujo.snowberry on Instagram

Take a gander at this exquisite week by week format! I love pastel hues! You can’t turn out badly with a delicate pastel hued subject. This spread has uniformly measured areas for you to fill in with your undertakings for the week.

Found from rosekjournals on Instagram

Buzz into the new week with this honey bee themed week by week format. The honey bee and nectar doodle adds such a great amount of character to the design.

Found from bulletwithchristine on Instagram

Amazing! The orchid delineation on this slug diary week by week spread is dazzling!

Found from bumblebujo on Instagram

This week after week format has a propensity tracker, work plan, and daily agenda all on a similar spread! On the off chance that you have a great deal of things going on in your life, at that point spread has all that you have to remain sorted out.

Found from plansthatblossom on Instagram

This week after week helps to remember the days that I would spend perusing my comic books. While being retro and stylish, this design has style and capacity!

Found from bullet.rookie on Instagram

I’m constantly astounded at how lovely some shot diary week after week spreads are. Simply take a gander at those watercolor blossoms!

Found from berrymixbujo on Instagram

Projectile diary formats with unpredictable plans are my top pick. This one is clearly themed around Easter, since there’s a hover wreath in the center with Easter eggs on it. The days are equally situated around the wreath, giving the format a novel look.

Found from hanmade_hd on Instagram

Look at the geometric structure! It’s the little subtleties that truly get your attention with this spread.

Found from jaydensapple on Instagram

I’ve never observed a bujo format very as special as this one. The jellyfish are too charming! I’m going to attempt to attract them my bujo.

Found from buujooo on Instagram

This bujo spread is clear and accommodating. It’s basic and simple to reproduce without anyone else.

Found from greenishplanning on Instagram

Hand drawn florals are so beautiful. The blossoms on this design truly breath life into it.

Found from bulletjournalinspox on Instagram

Start setting up your bujo with these projectile diary week by week spreads to keep each seven day stretch of your life composed. On the off chance that you need much more shot diary page thoughts, look at this post of 30+ Bullet Journal Ideas That’ll Keep Your Life Organized All Year Long. Offer your shot diary motivation with me in the remark area beneath.


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