In involved Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League (JKPL) has cautioned the alleged standard Kashmiri lawmakers against hurting the admirable motivation of opportunity by conspiring with the BJP-drove extremist Indian government.

A JKPL representative in an announcement gave in Srinagar said that those Kashmiri lawmakers who might encourage RSS and BJP in any way in involved Kashmir would be viewed as the adversaries of Kashmiris and subsequently managed harshly by the majority.

He called attention to that India was proceeding with its illicit hang on Jammu and Kashmir for the past more than seven decades simply because of the help stretched out by these colleagues. He asked the Kashmiri individuals to arrange a social blacklist of the individuals who might be coordinating with the BJP and RSS in assisting the counter Kashmiri and hostile to Muslim strategies in involved Kashmir.

The representative said that the Kashmiri country had rendered incomparable penances for the opportunity cause and anyone attempting to undermine these penances by propelling the terrible motivation of Narendra Modi-drove common government in New Delhi would confront the anger of the Kashmiri masses.


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