The Kashmir contest, against the background of disavowal of Jammu and Kashmir’s exceptional status by the Indian government, has discovered its way into the General Election battle in the UK.

Web based life messages and visit bunches are being utilized by the Kashmiri diaspora to attempt to impact voters, with the Opposition Labor Party being their most loved for its ace Kashmir position since it passed a goals favoring universal intercession in Kashmir.

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, the main turbaned Sikh to be chosen for the UK Parliament in the 2017 political decision says, the Labor goals peruses: “Acknowledge that Kashmir is a contested region and the individuals of Kashmir ought to be given the privilege of self-assurance as per UN goals.”

Nonetheless, professional India anteroom is likewise dynamic, which is attempting to cause the British voters to understand that the Kashmir contest is India’s interior matter.

“I don’t think we are improved off as a nation by proceeding with the divisions of our countries, rather we should concentrate on Britain today. Kashmir is an issue for the individuals of Kashmir and all contentions must be settled inside the law and Constitution of India,” said Virendra Sharma, an Indian-source Labor MP.

In such manner, a video is being shared via web-based networking media wherein a conservative British writer being bugged by dissenters during the “Free Kashmir” rally, a month ago, trying to blame Labor Party for aimlessly supporting Pakistan’s position over repeal of Article 370 by India.


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