Nov. 11 is coming up, and keeping in mind that that may appear simply one more pre-winter Monday, heaps of spiritualists accept 11/11 is the most mysterious day of the year. Yet, numerous individuals additionally accept that seeing 11’s can be an indication that you’ve found or are near discovering your Twin Flame, or your otherworldly twin. In case you’re searching for your Twin Flame (or essentially seeing the number 11 around more as often as possible than expected), at that point the ground-breaking vitality we’ll all be feeling come Nov. 11 denotes a decent time to begin investigating the idea all the more profoundly.

The numerology of the number 11 is ground-breaking: It’s viewed as an “ace” number, a holy messenger number, and is related with higher otherworldly awareness, showing bounty, and soul development — and it’s idea that 11/11 is an incredible day that will offer everybody the chance to associate with their higher self and start showing their objectives. That is a piece of the motivation behind why individuals believe it’s fortunate to get 11:11 on the clock!

So precisely what is a Twin Flame in any case? Clamor talked with mystic medium Nicole (Live the Light) Bowman, counsel on, who clarifies the idea further. “Your Twin Flame is your otherworldly twin,” she says. “The idea of Twin Flames exists in various religions and various ways of thinking … furthermore, is basically your otherworldly other half. The motivation behind the relationship is to develop and advance together, yet additionally to give back and serve the world by raising the vibrations.”

A twin fire is fundamentally your otherworldly other half and 11/11 can assist you with discovering them.

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Not to be mistaken for a perfect partner (which are individuals you meet through your life who are intended to enable your spirit to develop and grow), a Twin Flame is progressively similar to your enthusiastic equivalent — and there’s no mixing up the science. “The explanation the Twin Flame association is distinctive is on the grounds that they’re actually another piece of you — it resembles gazing into a mirror — versus a perfect partner, which is somebody who extends your spirit and shows you exercises, yet they’re not really your profound twin,” Bowman discloses to Bustle. It’s accepted that while we can have many perfect partners, individuals just have one Twin Flame (or no Twin Flame by any stretch of the imagination, which I’ll get to).

So the otherworldly reason for having a Twin Flame in your life isn’t simply to enable your spirit to develop — it’s to assist you with having a beneficial outcome on the planet, making it a significantly more profound, all the more dominant, and increasingly significant association. “A Twin Flame association is tied in with bringing more love, light, and attention to the planet through the association of two individuals adoring one another so profoundly that everybody can see and feel it,” Bowman says. “So basically, the adoration and administration between two Twin Flame spirits turns into a model for the world — and when more individuals love, they’re mending and they’re raising the vibration.”


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