In involved Kashmir, writers in the Valley took out a dissent walk in Srinagar, today, against the proceeded with suspension of internet providers as military attack finished 100 days.

Scores of columnists working with various media associations collected at the Kashmir Press Club in Srinagar and took out a dissent walk against the proceeded with suspension of internet providers in the Valley since August 05.

The fighting writers were holding their workstations with open clear screens or notices with the words “100 days no web” and “quit mortifying Kashmiri columnists”.

The columnists requested quick rebuilding of the administrations to encourage the media people to release their expert obligations.

“We took out the dissent against the suspension of internet providers for 100 days now. Web is an essential instrument for columnists to release their expert obligations and we request its prompt reclamation,” senior writer Pervez Bukhari told correspondents after the dissent.

“The specialists have treated columnists too as potential issue creators and gagged news-casting all the while,” an independent writer said.

“Web is exceptionally key to reporting these days. The specialists have stifled our practices as opposed to empowering free press here,” said another writer, Naseer Ganai.


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