The Chairman of All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Gilani has expressed gratitude toward Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and the individuals of Pakistan for their entire hearted backing to the Kashmir cause and forfeits for the persecuted individuals of Jammu and Kashmir.

In a letter routed to PM Imran Khan, the APHC Chairman appealed to Allah Almighty to allow the PM faithfulness and quality as it is the Allah Almighty Who has picked him to lead Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Syed Ali Gilani likewise valued the way PM Imran Khan talked at the United Nations General Assembly for the Kashmiri individuals and against the Indian choice to illicitly change the contested status of Jammu and Kashmir. He indicated out that India’s endeavor power this unlawful choice on the individuals has seen a far reaching time limit in the locale.

Syed Ali Gilani kept up that the opportunity battle of the Kashmiri individuals against the Indian occupation and oppression has experienced numerous stages since 1947 and the years, 1988, 2008, 2010 and 2016, have stayed as tourist spots of the battle. He stated, it is the total individuals’ opposition which has guaranteed that India has been not able squash the opportunity battle.

“All types of correspondence, including telephones and web have been cut off. A great many individuals, including kids, elderly people men, youngsters, dealers, legal advisors, understudies and Hurriyat authority and their family members have been exposed to savage torment. The mass blinding of Kashmiri youth, which began in 2010 has likewise proceeded with hundreds all the more being harmed by pellet firearms in this period of the battle too,” Gilani said.

He brought up that attack, inappropriate behavior and even homosexuality have likewise kept on being utilized as state approach to enslave individuals. “Indian occupation powers are as yet attacking ladies in the wake of jumping into their homes. Guardians are being solicited the ages from their little youngsters and the possessing powers are advising individuals that they will likely shame Kashmiri Muslim ladies,” he included.

The nonagenarian head stated, “Numerous individuals have been undermined that they will be tossed out of their homes and notification are being given that people groups’ homes will be dominated. It is important that the Muslims of Ladakh have likewise been left helpless before ruthless Indian powers, as the individuals of that district are additionally restricting this illicit Indian activity.”

The APHC director has bid PM Imran Khan to make a declaration of Pakistan’s withdrawal from all parts of the Tashkent, Shimla and Lahore understandings as India has singularly finished these understandings. He has additionally asked the PM to re-assign the Line of Control as the Ceasefire Line since India has returned the circumstance to the status as existed in 1947-48.

Syed Ali Gilani has called attention to that the Government of Pakistan should take all measures at the United Nations and with the worldwide network to give the individuals of Jammu and Kashmir their guaranteed right to self-assurance. Syed Ali Gilani added if India keeps on rejecting this interest Pakistan should press for sanctions against India.


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