Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has said that individuals of Jammu and Kashmir will bring their fate into their own hands and change the circumstance on ground and like the Berlin Wall, will destroy to the ground one day the fence raised by India along the Lone of Control (LoC).

Sardar Masood was talking as the main visitor on the debut session of two-day Pioneer Initiative on “Harmony and Development in South Asia, Middle East, Central Asia (SAMECA): Partners in Peace Developing Together” sorted out by the Islamabad Policy Research Institute here Wednesday. The activity is a piece of Margalla Dialog expected to be Track 1.5. Maria Sultan, Director-General, South Asia Strategic Stability Institute, went about as the arbitrator. Negotiators from China, Malaysia and Turkey, the onlythree nations that bolstered Pakistan at the UNO, likewise visited.

Masood said that outsiders and UNO ought to at any rate perceive that there is a contention in South Asia as at exactly that point endeavors can be made to determine it. He said that UN system in India isn’t dynamic. He said that what is left for us is to just reach to our electorate in the two pieces of Kashmir, Pakistan, our diaspora and world networks on the loose. He said what is stressing is a rising pattern of reserved quality of world forces. India can pull off murder like the world forces are doing.

Sardar Masood said that in Pakistan, one got the feeling that India is fizzling and we are picking up. He considered it an off-base inclination. He said India will likewise make strides after the SC choice on Ayodhya mosque. He said that India has focused on Pakistan and furthermore the Muslim minority in India. How it very well may be a triumph for Pakistan, he inquired.

Ahmer Bilal Soofi, President, Research Society of International Law, said that the Ayodhya judgment will have political expense for BJP government. He said Indian activity on Aug 5 abuses global law just as the Indian Constitution. He said that we ought not hang tight for response of universal network. He mourned that there is infringement of all around archived human rights in the valley.

Mishaal Hussein Mullick, Chairperson, Peace and Cultural Organization, and spouse of Kashmiri pioneer Yasin Mullick, said that her significant other is the just one kept in death cell and being tormented. Alluding to the most recent year’s “ground-breaking goals” of an UN body, she said that the UN has not overlooked Kashmir. She said that from the Security Council goals, to the Simla Accord, India retreated from all understandings it marked. She said that the world ought to tune in to the voice of Kashmiris.

She alluded to half widows and half moms who don’t have the foggiest idea where their spouses and kids are. She focused viable advances and not simply passing goals in courses. She said that in the event that the UN goals are impossible, at that point war is the main choice which the comity of countries should attempt to avert.

Maria Sultan said that Kashmir is a dark spot in the Indo-Pak goals. Fawzia Koofi, previous MP and Chairperson, Movement of Change for Afghanistan, Sohail Mehmood, Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Lt Gen (retd) Zahid Latif, Secretary, Ministry of Defense Production, additionally talked on the event.


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