President Dr Arif Alvi on Wednesday said the fantasy of harmony and security on the planet couldn’t be acknowledged until the nations looked past the focal point of personal stakes and settled shared clashes on the standards of mankind.

“The world is giving the individuals of Kashmir a chance to endure the compassionate emergency while it ensures its vested monetary interests,” the President said at a yearly Margalla Dialog held here on ‘Harmony and advancement in South Asia, Middle East and Central Asia (SAMECA)’.

The two-day discourse sorted out by Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI) assembled security and political specialists from a few nations to examine situation of ebb and flow difficulties in the district.

President Alvi lamented that significantly after entry of a few goals of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on the contest of Kashmir, there was no advancement over their usage.

He called attention to that global organizations had gotten incredible enough to capture the supposition and strategies of States to get crosswise over vested motivation of various anterooms.

He said the district could trigger an atomic rage if significant issues, for example, Kashmir stayed uncertain, anyway he added that Pakistan would keep on assuming its job for keeping up harmony in the locale regardless of difficulties.

He reviewed that Prime Minister Imran Khan in his first discourse subsequent to expecting office passed on a message of harmony to every single neighboring nation including India and conveyed a ground-breaking discourse at the discussion of UN General Assembly on the issues of Islamophobia, sacrilege, illegal tax avoidance and Kashmir.

He said opening of Kartarpur Corridor said a lot about Pakistan’s endeavors for keeping up harmony paying little respect to a few dissensions with India.

That day in India, he said the one-sided choice of Indian Supreme Court in Ayodhya case offered ascend to disappointment among Muslims and different minorities.

President Alvi said Pakistan confronted the difficulties of psychological oppression for a long time and gained from its experience.

The president additionally read out passages from an article titled ‘Living with harmony as great neigbours’ which he wrote in 1961 as a 12-year-old in grade eighth, where he referenced the destruction of wars and the requirement for resistance to make the world free from hopelessness.

Senior Vice President Center for Strategic and International Studies Daniel F. Runde accentuated intermingling of interests among Pakistan and the United States past the extent of Afghanistan’s tranquility.

Additionally holding the William A. Schreyer Chair in Global Analysis at CSIS, Runde referenced that the ‘over-mobilized Pak-U.S. ties’ required a decent approach with more extensive arrangement of collaboration in economy and individuals to-individuals contacts.

Administrator Strategic Policy Planning Cell Dr Moeed Yusuf said Pakistan as of now had an extraordinary chance of transforming itself into a blend sitting at the land conversion of India, Afghanistan and Iran being the hubs of three power rivalries, for example U.S-China, Russia-U.S. furthermore, Middle East.

He focused on that it was the ideal opportunity for the world move discussion on Pakistan from security-driven way to deal with economy.

On Kashmir, he said tragically monetary interests of nations were directing the approach on the contention.

Representative Foreign Office Dr. Faisal during the entire session raised worries on India’s illegal assault on Jammu and Kashmir’s self-governance and called upon the world to pay heed to the monstrosities completed in the involved Valley.

President Dr. Arif Alvi addressing the Inaugural Session of Margalla Dialogue on “Peace and Development in South Asia, Middle East, Central Asia (SAMECA)” in Islamabad on November 13, 2019.


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