On the off chance that your relationship closures, and you have an eye out for new individuals to date, don’t be shocked in the event that you wind up succumbing to somebody simply like your ex. As indicated by late research, which took a gander at information from a multi year study in Germany, this will in general be actually what occurs. The examination inspected the character attributes of a person’s ex and their present accomplice, and found a critical level of similitudes.

This may clarify why you have a “type” with regards to dating, and conceivably even why you continue having a similar sort of relationship. While numerous components are included, one approach to clarify it is your connection style, or how you act seeing someone, which is controlled by your experience inside your family while growing up. “Connection styles can be separated into three fundamental gatherings: secure, restless, and avoidant,” Gwendolyn Nelson-Terry, LMFT, an authorized marriage and family advisor, tells Bustle. “Secure individuals are agreeable seeing someone but at the same time are agreeable all alone. On edge individuals will in general be a greater amount of the ‘tenacious’ type. Avoidant individuals will in general dodge enthusiastic closeness and defenselessness.”

Whatever your connection style might be, you may wind up pulled in to individuals who feed into it, Nelson-Terry says. In case you’re on edge, for instance, you may go for people who are never really accessible on the grounds that it energizes that tension, and along these lines feels “right” to you, regardless of whether it isn’t what you genuinely need.

Your connection style may help clarify why you have a “type” with regards to dating.


It might likewise be that you’re dating individuals with certain contrary character qualities — like the individuals who are controlling or genuinely disengaged — as a method for settling old family clashes. “We allude to this in the field of psychotherapy as ‘the redundancy disorder,'” Arlene B. Englander, LCSW, MBA, an authorized psychotherapist, tells Bustle. “The present love intrigue may share characteristics that are like either of our folks and pre-intentionally we are attempting, as a grown-up, to at long last settle a circumstance which, as a [child], we felt excessively powerless and vulnerable to control.”

All things considered, it could just come down to getting a charge out of specific characteristics in individuals, and searching them out therefore. “It isn’t constantly an awful thing to date somebody who resembles your ex,” Nelson-Terry says. “Your ex is multi-dimensional and on the off chance that you can discover an individual who shows characteristics of your ex that you discovered made a solid relationship then it is no issue.”

Regularly, however, connections end for an explanation, and your accomplice’s character attributes can play into that. So on the off chance that you aren’t content with how things have been going, have confidence that “changes can be made with care, deliberate endeavors to date dependent on scholarly basic leadership more so than ‘flashes’ or ‘moment fascination,’ and endeavors to challenge one’s own normal relationship styles and practices,” Noel Hunter, PsyD, a clinical analyst, tells Bustle. “Examples never vanish, however can blur away after some time as new examples come to fruition and become strengthened.”

Specialists express it is conceivable to break former relationship designs.


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