The Vice President of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (DFP), Mehmood Ahmed Saghar, has communicated genuine worry over the proceeded with lockdown and correspondences barricade in involved Kashmir.

Mehmood Ahmed Saghar in an announcement gave in Islamabad censured the world network for its criminal carelessness and quiet over the sufferings of Kashmiri individuals who keep on enduring under the severe attack and correspondences power outage forced by India.

He stated, “Kashmir is the most shocking piece of the cutting edge world wherein a great many individuals including men, ladies and kids are being dealt with like slaves”. He said that over100 days devastating attack had pushed the region into a mess of vulnerability.

The DFP pioneer indicated out that likewise compassionate emergency, the lockdown of the valley had caused the loss of more than seven billion rupees to the nearby economy. He said that the unwavering attack was being utilized as a weapon of war against the individuals of Kashmir who had out appropriately dismissed the India’s persuasive addition of Kashmir and the bifurcation of the contested region.

Communicating his anguish over the world network’s inaction and apathy towards the stewing circumstance in the held domain, he said that it was in reality an extraordinary disaster that the supposed cultivated world had callously decided to stay quiet over the horrendous circumstance in Kashmir valley that has been reeling under remarkable lockdown. He said that, on one hand, the Kashmir valley had been disengaged from rest of the world while, on different, rights activists and political pioneers of the sum total of what sorts had been held under confinement.

Encouraging the universal network to disregard its arrangement of lack of concern and unresponsiveness towards Kashmir, the DFP pioneer said that it was high time that the persuasive governments over the globe must give top need to goals of Kashmir as opposed to ensuring their own monetary advantages.

Calling for right on time and tranquil settlement of the debate, he said that the world forces must assume due job to moderate the sufferings of the Kashmiris as opposed to making them substitute to ensure their personal stakes.


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