Dark Sloan Memorial has consistently been a magnet for dramatization, however the continuous quarrel among Meredith and Bailey on Gray’s Anatomy is beginning to push fans to their limit. With just a bunch of the first cast still around, the connection between these two focal characters has become a foundation for the whole arrangement, which makes their aftermath even more deplorable. In any case, the most disappointing part about this as a matter of fact tired storyline is Bailey’s absence of compassion toward Meredith’s circumstance. Without a doubt, it wasn’t right for a specialist to submit protection extortion, yet her heart was in the opportune spot and Bailey realizes that. Indeed, it’s provoked a few diehard watchers to bring up that Bailey herself is blameworthy of that exceptionally same wrongdoing.

Back in Season 5, Bailey and Alex Karev confronted a comparative dilemna when it was uncovered that their patient’s protection would lapse at 12 PM. The strategy wound up going on until 2:30 a.m. — over two hours glued the protection cutoff time — yet Bailey advised Alex to slow down the clock to 11:58 p.m. for the medical clinic records. For what reason would it say it was okay for her to twist the standards and not Meredith? All through the previous 16 seasons this show has been reporting in real time, practically these specialists have been an assistant to different violations at some point (regardless of whether that included protection or cutting somebody’s LVAD wire), so for what reason is Mer paying for it so intensely this time around and by the individual who filled in as her tutor for such a long time?

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Time to ensure our own. #GreysAnatomy

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9:23 PM – Nov 11, 2019

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The promotion during the current week’s scene, “My Shot,” indicates that the entirety of Meredith’s associates will revitalize to her side in court and help her to ideally keep her restorative permit — everybody, that is, aside from Bailey. The video stays obscure concerning what Bailey will do — her declaration could either represent the deciding moment Meredith’s case — however fans are just about tired of Bailey’s activities so far this season and request to see her have a difference in heart.

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7:02 AM – Nov 8, 2019

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Since dislike Bailey hasn’t submitted some fireable offenses in the past so as to put forth a valiant effort for a patient, the law be accursed.

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Clearly Bailey’s overlooked she truly treated a kid by infusing him with HIV against his folks’ desires and thinks Meredith is the main individual that has the right to be rebuffed and lose her permit for defying the guidelines. 🙄 #greysanatomy


7:13 AM – Nov 8, 2019

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Also this is Meredith Gray we’re discussing here. Bailey realizes what an incredible specialist she is and what number of lives she could spare on the off chance that she were permitted to come back to work. So neutralizing her wouldn’t simply be double-dealing, it simply doesn’t bode well.

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Hold up a damn moment. Didn’t Bailey submit protection misrepresentation once upon a time when she got Karev to change the time on the clock?! @shondarhimes I have questions!!! @EllenPompeo young lady Gray better go recover her activity!


8:20 AM – Oct 15, 2019 · Shreveport, LA

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Long story short, this storyline has continued for a really long time. The best way to compensate for it now is to see Meredith and Bailey accommodate. Some other result would be an insult to these characters and the fans that have come to cherish them.


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