The lady killed in Friday’s London Bridge assault has been named by police as Saskia Jones.

The 23-year-old Cambridge University graduate, from Stratford-upon-Avon, was lethally wounded close by another ex-understudy, Jack Merritt.

The supervisor of the setting where the assault started which murdered the pair said “the structure transformed into a bad dream”.

Toby Williamson, of Fishmongers’ Hall, said staff who battled aggressor Usman Khan accepted he was wearing a bomb.

Two men took seats, fire quenchers and narwhal tusks, which were holding tight the divider, to fight off Khan, driving him out of the structure.

Khan, 28, an indicted fear monger who was discharged from jail in December 2018, was later shot dead by police on London Bridge.

The groups of Mr Merritt and Ms Jones have both paid tribute to their friends and family.


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Jack Merritt’s family said he was ‘anticipating building a future with his sweetheart, Leanne’

In an announcement, Mr Merritt’s family portrayed him as a “skilled kid” who “kicked the bucket doing what he cherished”.

“Jack experienced his standards; he had faith in recovery and restoration, not vengeance, and he generally took the side of the dark horse.

“Jack was an astute, mindful and sympathetic individual.

“We realize Jack would not need this awful, disconnected episode to be utilized as a guise by the administration for presenting significantly increasingly draconian sentences on detainees, or for keeping individuals in jail for longer than should be expected,” the announcement read.


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